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“Catatonic”, Learn to read!

Of late I have been blessed, really, to have been personally enlightened to the potentially scary life of a  RBI.

Ask yourself what it means to you to be “Catatonic.”

Sarah and her water

Just take the time

For me it is any of the following:

Vague, A lost or far away look , gone to happier place, Non responsive, frozen any of these can be used to discribe the word.

A few days ago I was put in a situation where I was so aware of what a RBI(Right Brained Introvert), must feel when being pushed to a point of needing to hide. I guess though a RBI would tend ot go there more readily if pushed, any Introvert or horse treated without a say in the conversation would or could go “Catatonic”.

Lets just say there would be a degree of difficulty in scoring as in diving or gymnastics.

Never have I felt so scared and unsure.

My only way to find escape from the pressure of the external enviroment was to close my eyes and go away, litterally to an instant deep sleep.

I figured it out pretty quickly and used it to my advantage when I didn’t want to deal or answer questions. it was clearly a very deliberate  response.

If any of you have not seen this happen in a horse, take a better look at your own! Most of us are guilty to some extent of  not understanding how to read our horses language when it is subtle and not explosive. Is it “Submissive” or is it “I can’t cope, Im going far, far away”.

To the untrained eye and spirit it could be mis read, IF read at all. 

Trying to please all around me and coping with building stress I had not filtered well, my error, I was mentally and emotionally fried! I had no options given to me other than do, this try this, etc etc .

Finally by default, I was given an opportunity to have a voice and choose a way out. OMG, what a relief!  Time was running out,  and people needed to move on so by necessity  I was given an option to get relief. Ever seen a horse push you to a point where you have to stop pushing and give up, all of a sudden they make a move and start to offer things? Yup! They just needed to be given an option!

I have a whole new respect for the impact of pressure for both ” H factors”. I do have a very good eye for reading horses and humans but this expereince has been a lesson I will never forget and will bring with me as I interact with my own horses and others. A real gift!

Always read your partner ….. Don’t make them have to escape because they are not heard and cant cope. Just because we think they should do it or others are watching! and putting pressure on you!

Don’t get me started!

Gage your pressure and monitor your mind set.