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Huricane Sandy and animal prep with YLEO’s

Thankfully, this go ’round up in VT anyway, we were spared Sandy’s wrath. There was a lot of chatter pre-storm on FB groups up here re  preparing animals emotionally for the storm. As I was not  in state for Irene pre storm, Im guessing maybe  this happened then too, but it was new to me. I was  in DC, stranded for  a week, trying to get home after taking our eldest to 1st yr college. Like that wasn’t stressful enough!

Anyway  I will discuss what I did pre and post storm with Sandy. Keeping track of hoof health along the way.

From Prior blogs on oils you probably know my “First Responder” is : The RDT( Rain Drop Therapy). Well in this instance  it was no different. I gathered all my RDT oils and  massage oils required and headed to barn to  do a couple of horses, ended up doing all 5. (Everyone slept really really well that night! LOL). I guess I needed them too. Thats a lot of oils to filter! I felt great! :)

3:30 PM 2 days pre Sandy.

The process I followed was  protocol but with a purpose of getting the oils on, not to spend a spa time as if I was doing only one. My intension was to only do a couple and then the others the next day.  Plan changed when I was on a roll and felt really  good about going  and finishing all as the next day it was to rain and water amplifies the oils.

This time the Colt got his first RDT.  Not to the full extent as a full size horse but  he got it all in small doses. Too funny, he loved all the oils! Never turned his nose up to one.  He has benefitted pprior to as Sarah has had RDT pre and post foaling. I did not  drop oils on him I dropped in hand and patted on his back. I knew he could feel his energy shifitng and he handled it really, really well. His Mom Sarah was done simultaniously. She was  expressive with  a few yawns towards the end, and her typical dancy feet.

The shetland , Mr Bill, was in heaven, loved his, and Granny Diana, settled instantly with Valor applied , the rest is icing, per usual.

Popeye was last and were it not to rain the next day I would have let him go but I really felt energized so off we went.

OH NO! I was out of Valor! Dang!!!  called to house… none on shelves! Poop!    Think fast…..”ok , get me the new oil Sacred Angel!”  promptly one of the kids ran it down to me. Why SA? I have no idea!

Honestly, it just popped to mind. My little voice ,  never lets me down. Wow, what an instant shift. He smelled it ( first time), and didnt turn away.  Proceeded with it where ever I put  Valor( A Blend of oils). Totally settled him and he was very chill for the whole treatment. Still a bit dancy in feet towards the end  but  not as much as usual. His head was  instantly lower from the start. Might be my oils of choice for him to start with.  After he was done he went out to roll.  Not typical for him to let that much go. Powerful results!

My goodness the barn smelled wonderful the AM after.  Sandy came and went, Thankfully no damage . Wind was quite loud. The horses were all tucked in barn, safe and sound. Noone looked worse for wear the  AM after. My Purpose was to boost them for the stressors of the impending winds and what ever else might have come along as a result. * Note: I was applyiing all the oils…I got my fill of supprot too! maybe more crucial  than for them :)

Since then we have been in a bit of a “Dank” spell weather wise. I have been tending to one newly barefoot horse all around,  and another  just fronts, to help them toughen ( see  Mud Season Madness). The others are just trims.

Finally the weather and ground has dried a bit, though we have more moisture coming soon.  Hooves are for sure toughened, and with use of “Purification” a YL essential oil blend, and  switching back and forth to” Thieves” also a blend, Im driving out the end of the softness in the dank corners .  Even the colt gets his treatment daily.  Everyone’s hooves are picked and brushed out well 2x a day ,  oils applied 1x day as needed. I  will be  keep the protocol up untill we get ground freeze or snow!  No MUD! Once the  shift in weather comes the protocol will ease to picking with no oils unless I see something that looks odd or soft.

Prevention is a lot less expensive and time consuming. With use of the oils and not a toxic solution, the horses are also gaining  the extra health benefits through absorbtion, smell etc.  YLEO’s are the total package Physical, emotional, and mental health in every drop!

Any questions re  the RDT or other protocol please contact me.

Stay tuned….






YL Essential Oils Every Day Oils Collectin continued…..Lavender

Im guessing Lavender is one of the best known “Oils” around. The go to  calmer  so to speak. It in fact has so many other qualities.

* Historically durring Midieval times there was a dispute re Lavender. One grouping would say it help keep it wearer “pure” , shall we say, and the other group  well they felt it was an attractant, and  things would go the other way.

Lavender is a great healer of wounds, skin irritations of many sorts  and emotions.

How do I use it? Let me count the ways.

1)Defuse Defuse Defuse…

2)  bug bites, poison ivy, anything itchy. Lavender seems to calm things right down.

3) burns from the oven or other items. Its the go to oil in my house.

4) Sunburn,  a great calming effect on  hot skin.

5) open cuts, or sores, bruising,  in the house or the barn… Lavender is it!

6)On a wash towel or item of clothing going into the  dryer its gives a natural fresh smell to all clothes.

7)In combination with a couple other oils its a great bug repellant and or hair detangler depending on the mix and base.

So many wondeful very practical uses….

Did I fail to mention adding it to the bath water….#8


* Reference Guide for Essential Oils, Higley, 12th edition








The first impressions of a colt…. “And you are??? Dump the ego!”

“True” will do it for you! True is a horse in small form. Okay technically a large pony by breed but  who measuring!  Honestly I think horse do all the time.

They measure your intention, emotions and demeanor all the time, from birth~

Rescently True had some visitors who ASSUMED way to much. I was suprised at the lack of insight myself. Before I Knew it Sarah’s stall was filled ( door open to paddock TG!) with 2 humans and she and True. By nature Sarah is very curiuos but also very energetically charged. All horses are  very perceptive, some take offence  to in your face human interaction more so than others. Sarah is one of those and  Bubba the same. You need to earn your place next to him. As it should be ! Immediatley I saw the MAKE we humans take on with animals, horses to stay on topic. And when we have a smaller animal we feel  even more able to dominate and or push around and handle. No real regard given to the natural emotion of the horse in question.

This was an amazing event to witness. Very purpose driven . I was  in the isle and  then went to stall side. I wish I  had a video to show. I was so taken off guard, with in a minute the whole thing was over, not tramatic visually but to the sensative nature of this mom and foal it was not a good first impression of these humans. The  message was given to leave stall, as the littlest one  was not going to be “Handled”.

So very cool to see the world through this little ones eyes.  More stories to come.



It’s a boy!

June 11 2012 @ 11:58 PM Midnight Troubadour (Bubba or True)hit the ground.

All 4 kids were there to see the process. Things happened very fast. My siser from ME came over to hopefully time it right to see the event too. She was here whne Sarah( Midnight Serenade) was given her ultrasound to confirm pregnancy.

I felt no pressure (LOL) to try to peg this right. I almost blew it! The only thing I was sure of was I Knew we were close. Sunday I thought, nah, I think we have a few more days, so I e mailed my sister to tell her to hold off till tues. Then Monday AM came and Sarah’s udders were fuller to the brim shall we say than before and I noted a more pronounced breathing while she ate. Hmm??? eventualy  a few other things  I noted lead me to call my sister and tell her  maybe she should come Monday after all.

We got some of our hay in, it was hot and a storm was coming. Perfect set up right? Tired humans so a baby would surely come. Well it did! That evening I noted Sarah out in her paddock  which she had not done normally before. She could have but stayed pretty close to stall.  It had cooled off and was a nice evening, but it still was one more thng to take note of.

After dinner the kids and my sister went to check and came back to say that Sarah looked a bit damp on her nipples.  ”Damp?” I said? “Well, if you put the flash light there it looks a bit shiny”.

Ok then I thought, something…..? a couple hrs later they went back again and reported ” Like almost a real drop”, now it was my turn to look. In fact there was a glisten to her teet ends and we were in business but how long… ? her mom poured all day long and didnt have sarah till midnight that night. Time would tell.

I decided to go down at 11:20 or so and do a check before bed.  Good thing!  Sarah was in a sweat and had “real drops” now! Sent my sister to the house to get kids. She was recovering from knees sergury so speed was not there. she was gone a minute or so and  water broke. Ahhh! “Hold on Sarah im not ready!”

ran to house to tell everyone to move it! got my phone for pix and the event was flawless. sarah handled her paiin vvery well. I applied  Valor and Tranquil Essential Oil roll on’s to her back along her spine as she progressed. She does not handle pain or hadn’t anyway handled it well in past so I was wondering how this would go.

11;58 this littel body flopped to the ground and Sarah’s expression was OMG- ish, too funny! She began immediately to sniff etc . Popeye and Mr Bill were there for the event, just on the other side of the fence.  I waited a minute or so and  the little package was  laying upright trying to get a good breathif air but sack was still over its head. I opted to go in and flip it back over his head and let Sarah figure out the rest. From there it was all her.

We left at about 12:30 . I came back at 1:15 and he was working on getting up. I came back at just before 2 and he was up and nursing. Amazing!

Afterbirth was not gone yet but well on its way and felt confident  things were fine . When I went to do AM feed in the next few hrs(LOL), I complete pile awaited me in the paddock. Well done Sarah!

We stayed hands off till the day light and then confirmed it was in fact a bouncing baby boy! Midnight Troubadour.

More to come!

How many lessons .. Part 2

A revelation to say the least. Since that day I often think back to the exact moment I spoke those words to myself and am amazed at its simplicity and it magnitude .

Protecting and Compensating. These are  two “Guarding” words if you thing about them, right? Technically  I was reffering to my leg, but symbolically, well there is a different story.

My Horsemanship Journey  though technical in many ways is not so much about the horse aspect but the personal growth and development.   Horses are my therapy.  My poor horses! :)   Over the last 8 yrs I have been on a wonderful journey, and of the last 2-3 its been getting really good. I have begun to unlock and reveal me.  How did it begin , at a clinic of all places. It really is so much more than riding. The obstacles and set backs I encounter with my horses  all have a greater purpose.  If it were not for  them I would not be writing this blog post. Why??? Because I would not be  aware enough or ready to hear what those words really meant for me! And more importantly , those of my students .

Compensating and Protecting,  it’s not about the ….leg , but My heart and emotions.  Long story , not a bad one just the way it was. Easier not to feel or express feelings. I know I am not alone in this.

So what came out of this wonderful Ah ha Moment???   I realized how emotionally exhausting it was for me to be on guard, and, that I was.

What was I “Really” scared of anyway???    This was a wake up call. Now its up to me to realistically look at what is holding me back and move it aside, or move through it .

**After adding this link to an older post , I had to laugh, and needed to fess up. I wasn’t denying the disease energy,  I was denying myself emotional release,
( Chicken! Just didn’t want to feel).
” You gain strength, courage and confidnece by every experience in which you  really stop and look fear in the face. You are able to say to yourself, ‘I have lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.’ You must do the things you think you can not do.” Eleanor Roosevelt

Break free and Play! 

How many lessons will I learn ?? Part 1

Compensating and protecting is exhausting…

Everything I do is in slow motion….Hmm??

Its taken me a while to get to this blog post.  It holds a lot and I think I needed to get distance from the event  that prompted it before I could write about it.

Let me begin with the first statement….

Nearly 9 weeks ago now I under went surgery for Melanoma Cancer. This was the last straw after taking our eldest to college in DC, ( emotionally  hard), getting stuck  due to Hurricane Irene,( fun having extra time with her). Got home after a week, thank God, to begin my next 6 weeks of service at the  food shelf developed  due to Irene. During this period I knew I needed to  get to the Dr to have things checked, finally  I did, and  long story short,  here I am and its all good!

When I began to get back to my barn routine  I was cautious with my leg, walking softly to say the least. One day I was  puttering at best , chipping away at stalls etc when I realised I was so protective of my  right  leg and really giving my left leg a run for its money with compensating . Often times I would take a break and sit on the  shavings bags to rest my leg and back, and move my shoulders around a bit then back to work. I said out loud, to myself, as I often do while in the barn,” Boy this compensating and protecting stuff is hard work”.

With that statement I had so many revelations come rushing in ……..