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Changing up the herd; New dynamics needed for teaching

The other day I decided to change things up in the herd in order to keep the youngster now 7 months in line and still learning herd dynamics and body language.  His good buddy , Mr, Bill,  I think is getting worn down by him. He gives him some discipline but not as it was and the little guy is now infringing on his personal space a bit too much for my liking.

I hesitated my change as it meant bringing in  a mare, not mom , of course , but Grandma! My alpha.

I  remember hearing for young geldings it is best to keep them with good solid geldings to keep them in place.  So far it has done so . Troubadour has a pal in Popeye but not a buddy. He has a buddy in Bill. Pop looks at Tru and he backs off. A tail swish and he flies! That’s what I’m looking for. The respect level he had for Bill is waining. Bill always alowed him in but he had to ask permission. That  is not so much any more.

My first thought was to move Pop to shed with Sarah, and bring Granny down. Granny is a toughy. Total alpha mare. She has a soft side which I saw with  Tru earlier but Im hoping she will see he needs to be put in his place more now. When I began to see the disregard Tru was having for Bill and infringing in his personal space, with no retort, I knew I needed to change things up.

So pony away for a break to shed with the Sarah, and Granny to the rescue. Pop likes having D , ( Granny) around as she is alpha in the herd. He has no issues with following her lead.

So far the change is great for all. Pony is in heaven and in peace! Sarah is content. Pop has his real leader, though pony too is alpha but not over D!  D is patient with Tru but  is not letting him infringe at all.  He is learning the subtle cues  she gives. Between she and Popeye he is learning a lot and will make my job a bit easier as he progresses.

A big day! Re connecting my herd!

Big day for my happy herd. Bubba( Troubadour) got to play with Popeye in herd today. I had Pop in the field with them as they were all ( 2 ponies, Granny,  Sarah and Bub) turned out. after play time let things just meld. Now grnted they knew each other beforer and had connected but not free  time. So knowing Pop wouldn’t hurt the little dude, also knowing he wanted ot play with him, being  fully shod and big in comparison i held off till today. What changed, it just was the right time . No hard fast answer… just time.

Naturally, No one paid any mind to the other.  While we played and jumped some fences we peaked Bubba’s interest but he stayed by Mom.

Pop is a happy boy to have his “family” together. Been a hard yr for my guys since Irene. They have been baby sitting Irene refugee horses and others  in order to make them more able to integrate or in fact be more of a horse.

Very proud of all my guys! I know Pop has been taking it very hard. Does not like the  disconnect from his “Norm”. He has been very dutifuly waiting for this day.

They  are not  discharged of duties yet but they are getting closer .