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A big day! Re connecting my herd!

Big day for my happy herd. Bubba( Troubadour) got to play with Popeye in herd today. I had Pop in the field with them as they were all ( 2 ponies, Granny,  Sarah and Bub) turned out. after play time let things just meld. Now grnted they knew each other beforer and had connected but not free  time. So knowing Pop wouldn’t hurt the little dude, also knowing he wanted ot play with him, being  fully shod and big in comparison i held off till today. What changed, it just was the right time . No hard fast answer… just time.

Naturally, No one paid any mind to the other.  While we played and jumped some fences we peaked Bubba’s interest but he stayed by Mom.

Pop is a happy boy to have his “family” together. Been a hard yr for my guys since Irene. They have been baby sitting Irene refugee horses and others  in order to make them more able to integrate or in fact be more of a horse.

Very proud of all my guys! I know Pop has been taking it very hard. Does not like the  disconnect from his “Norm”. He has been very dutifuly waiting for this day.

They  are not  discharged of duties yet but they are getting closer .