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Softness and play

I was inspired with the sun out the other day to go for a ride. The arena is open sided from kick wall up . We have clear span curtains that drop down and allows wonderful natural light in and with the sun it is like a green house. Cold is cold but its warming still. I Took Pop to the ring, not his favorite place to be so I wanted to make it special. We did out regular warm up. He had his roll etc and we moved at liberty . After liberty warm up we went online for a bit of lateral work , tracking up on circles etc. I had an idea of point to point that we hadnt done in a while. I had some various cookies and grain with me . I placed them in vairous places , on things etc. so go was with a purpose and it didnt take him long to figure out why he was going. It was funny to see him perk up at every thing to see if he had a treasure. Defintily peeked his curiosity. Our walk was effortless. As i ran out of treats first time round , I got off and relenished. Kind a cool. Inbetween goodie points I would add a point of rest. I would add variety to these. We would stand, or lateral flex L/R or lateral flex and then move our hind end around. I am in awe of his softeness. Litterally I go to slide to take and he is there. He is so tuned in! If I move an inch, litterally he is right there. So much more receptive. I have to Thank the real study to the Buck DVD clinic series for the added pieces to my puzzle.
Popeye is very much an introvert so short and sweet is great for him. My short and sweets are now so productive its truly amazing. I look forwrd to raising Tru in this mannor. Soft, clear and very purposeful. The slightly different style of work online seems to be a huge factor going forward for me. I appreciate the ablity to be open to diferent learning styles. I feel it is important when dealing with any thing or one. Not all beings learn alike. I like having different styles to pull from in Quiver.