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YL Essential Oils Every Day Oils Collection continued…. Frankincense

Well done your looking into a better way to get Green Heathy!

Our oil of topic here is Frankincense. Truely a wonder oil. It is part of the Every Day Oils  Collection

*Historically this oils is concidered a Holy Oil in the Middle East. Its purpose was and is to highten connection and communication with the creator.

Frankincense  help on an emotional level as well as  , physicical.

How do I use it? Let me count the ways!

1) pre and post  Melanoma surgery Nov ’11. Frankincense is refered to in studies as being a huge factor in treating cancer. www.youngliving/sableview… product info.

2) My kids use it on  skin  iritations, pimples etc

3) A shot of Nig Xia Red and a couple drops of franincense, what a power house cocktail!

4) Defuse Defuse Defuse!

YL Essential Oils Every Day Oils collection continued…. Purification!

Welcome to continued Ed on Essential Oils  Every Day Oils / Rosemary Cineol.

Congrates on  seeking a better way to get  Green Health!

Now onto our topic oil.

Purification is like a gotta gotta have for household and health needs. It is a blend of oils- Citronella, Lemongrass, Rosemary Cineol, Melaluca, and Lavandin

*Purifcation is known for killing odors , pet and smoke and otherwise. Also noted for killing bacteria, molds and fungus.  Added to the list of  deeds is it acts as a great bug repellant and  sterilizing wounds.

How do I use it ? Let me cont the ways.

1)In the barn I apply it to the mane and tail hairs to repell flies. It also  has some emotional  atributes  my horses at times,  are drawn to.

2) Great for  cleaning cuts and drawing out abscesses in hoof.

3) Defuse Defuse Defuse….Clean the air!

4)I use it on my cats, house and barn.  I pat it on , or drop it on to ward off  worms , fleas, ear mites.

5)My kids use it along with Frankincense to help with pimples etc.

for info on how to use and apply please contact me.

Get Green Healthy!

* Reference Guide for Essential Oils, Higley, 12th edition



It’s a boy!

June 11 2012 @ 11:58 PM Midnight Troubadour (Bubba or True)hit the ground.

All 4 kids were there to see the process. Things happened very fast. My siser from ME came over to hopefully time it right to see the event too. She was here whne Sarah( Midnight Serenade) was given her ultrasound to confirm pregnancy.

I felt no pressure (LOL) to try to peg this right. I almost blew it! The only thing I was sure of was I Knew we were close. Sunday I thought, nah, I think we have a few more days, so I e mailed my sister to tell her to hold off till tues. Then Monday AM came and Sarah’s udders were fuller to the brim shall we say than before and I noted a more pronounced breathing while she ate. Hmm??? eventualy  a few other things  I noted lead me to call my sister and tell her  maybe she should come Monday after all.

We got some of our hay in, it was hot and a storm was coming. Perfect set up right? Tired humans so a baby would surely come. Well it did! That evening I noted Sarah out in her paddock  which she had not done normally before. She could have but stayed pretty close to stall.  It had cooled off and was a nice evening, but it still was one more thng to take note of.

After dinner the kids and my sister went to check and came back to say that Sarah looked a bit damp on her nipples.  ”Damp?” I said? “Well, if you put the flash light there it looks a bit shiny”.

Ok then I thought, something…..? a couple hrs later they went back again and reported ” Like almost a real drop”, now it was my turn to look. In fact there was a glisten to her teet ends and we were in business but how long… ? her mom poured all day long and didnt have sarah till midnight that night. Time would tell.

I decided to go down at 11:20 or so and do a check before bed.  Good thing!  Sarah was in a sweat and had “real drops” now! Sent my sister to the house to get kids. She was recovering from knees sergury so speed was not there. she was gone a minute or so and  water broke. Ahhh! “Hold on Sarah im not ready!”

ran to house to tell everyone to move it! got my phone for pix and the event was flawless. sarah handled her paiin vvery well. I applied  Valor and Tranquil Essential Oil roll on’s to her back along her spine as she progressed. She does not handle pain or hadn’t anyway handled it well in past so I was wondering how this would go.

11;58 this littel body flopped to the ground and Sarah’s expression was OMG- ish, too funny! She began immediately to sniff etc . Popeye and Mr Bill were there for the event, just on the other side of the fence.  I waited a minute or so and  the little package was  laying upright trying to get a good breathif air but sack was still over its head. I opted to go in and flip it back over his head and let Sarah figure out the rest. From there it was all her.

We left at about 12:30 . I came back at 1:15 and he was working on getting up. I came back at just before 2 and he was up and nursing. Amazing!

Afterbirth was not gone yet but well on its way and felt confident  things were fine . When I went to do AM feed in the next few hrs(LOL), I complete pile awaited me in the paddock. Well done Sarah!

We stayed hands off till the day light and then confirmed it was in fact a bouncing baby boy! Midnight Troubadour.

More to come!

Adjustments in Rain Drop Therapy

What better thing to be able to give yourself or your horse, dog , cat, than a spa day. Instilling health, wellness, peace of mind, cleansing of the  systems. This isn’t the real reason I love doing them… especially to horses but it is simply that once  at ease with the energy flow of the oils  they often fall asleep. Snore even! How cute!

For some horses the oils are not so welcome because in my mind they open up too much too soon. For others they welcome the Rain Drop  Therapy  from the get go. All depends on the day , the horse , the human, the underlying issues .

What I came to find was that on one of mine,  he really began to let the oils do the healing after his 3rd or 4th time, but it was too much  and he is so sensative emotionally  it really  got to him. Very similar reaction I have to accupuncture treatments.  I get all shakey , i can  reason my way  through it though, horses,

( Animals ) not so much. The results for that  Break Through treatment were astounding but  the application  had to be changed as the memory of  the protocol application  was not pleasent.

So, I took it upon myself to adjust application to this horse . My test dummy! Now a very willing, happy participant in spa days!

Last application to said horse was so relaxing.  Applied V6 oil first to back and legs and coronet, then applied oils as recommneded.  The hotter oils I applied to my hands first and massaged in.  Just sublte changes  made all the difference. It is important to remember it is that  no matter how the oils are applied, Vita Flex technique, or not, they will do their  task well.  As we are speaking now of the Rain Drop  they are typically dripped on but best to get them on so to  apply by hand is fine with gentle massage  strokes  that suite the patient and its all good. Always  follow  basic directions for each oil whenever in use and always note the patients needs and  reactions for further applications.

If all else fails Defuse!!