Lessons are customized to the needs and abilities of both the student and the horse. Safety is paramount so all lessons begin with ground exercises, which sets the communication tone for the day’s session.


Clinics are conducted by trainers of the following techniques: Parelli, TTouch, Natural Balance hoof trimming/shoeing, Connected riding, Centered Riding, Massage/Reiki, and Animal Communication.


(POT LUCK -TRAIL RIDE) The untimate horse play date! These are casual get togethers of riders of various back grounds and abilities. obstacles and horse toys are set up in the arena and in the play ground to pose questions to our horses that we as leaders can help them find the answers to.

These Play Days encourage good equine social skills, and allow for exploration without the stress of competition.The day builds confidence and communication skills. Instruction is always available. The trail ride portion follows lunch and is an easy paced two hour ride through our wonderful trails.

You begin to really see what your horse is all about when encouraged to play and be curious.


These days are set for clubs or larger horse groups to come and enjoy a day of stimulation and thought. A non competitive event , it encourages and gives foundation to horse and rider to go on to other equine areas such as ACTHA (American Competitive Trail Horse Association) challenges.

WINTER CHAT GROUPS (January – April) 

This is a great opportunity to stay connected with a support group. We share a pot luck lunch . There is always some educational topic set up in advance so any questions can be brought to the table and discussed. We share from our experiences and find more tools to add to our tool box.


If you are looking for your perfect horse partner, please contact us, and we’ll help you find him or her.


Boarding is available year round. Instructional packages for horses and/or riders are also available.

Private family setting. Excellent feed program and care. Full use of lighted indoor arena.

Please contact for pricing.



2 thoughts on “Services

  1. Do you have any play days coming up? I thought I saw one mentioned on facebook (which I’m not good at or a regular visitor :) ) but not on your website calendar. I could use some help rebuilding my confidence and forming a relationship with a new horse.
    thanks in advance.

    1. Hey Ann, sorry i dont check my site msg often.. I have Horse agility clinic this weekend but our next regular play day is 8/18. We have been so busy i havent gottne it up yet but will do so right now. pls feel free to call me 802-558-3747

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