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Internship: Another way to share “The Hybrid Method”

It is my thought that if we hold onto our knowledge and don’t pass it forward we are building a society of needy individuals. I for one in my profession as a horse person, find it very had to not strive to develop my clients self sufficiency. That is the general goal.

My belief in what I do is so strong that I am always looking to pass it forward. Aside from clients I’ve found having an Internship Program is another way to shed light on my ideas, and techniques and “The Hybrid Method” in general.

Young and not so old alike who seek more information on the horse world and its venues are welcome to apply.

Boys and girls Grades 7 through HS and adults will work along side me in my daily, not so routine routine, seeing, learning and experiencing. In my teaching and in the internship program I believe in a very hands on approach. I teach by example, but feel everyone has their own talent to add.

As an intern you will experiment on your own with the horses, I will observe, and let the horse teach as well. They will do so in many cases better than I. Horse Behavior, Human behavior, study of gates and stride, will be some of the items which will be encountered.

A project horse will be assigned but others will be handled as well.
Applicants must be accomplished riders. This is not a riding lesson program though I will offer suggestions to afford better rhythm, and relaxation in both horse and rider.

Program length is no less than 2 months with weekly barn time being 1x week, More is possible .

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Please tell me what your top 3 reasons for wanting to participate in SV's Internship program are?

What is your riding/horse experience? Please elaborate as much as you wish.

Please give 3 references and contact info.

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