Hoola Hoop Training Video!

As we begin note the frozen stance and fixed face( no blinking or licking). As I know Reba well enough now, I can go to a place in which she feels a bit pushed and respectfully ask her to trust me as I respectfully acknowledge her feelings. Softly and slowly I introduce the Hoop. No one is home…..She has gone to a safe place in her own mind. Continued softness and quiet ebb and flow with the hoop brings us to a point were she chooses to acknowledge the hoop. A break through. Then we can see her lick and chew. These are the first signs Reba has come back from her safe place. She is now thinking and able to comprehend and process.

** It should be noted that if we push a horse too hard, being direct line for our human pleasure of “Instant gratification”, while in this type of frozen “hiding” state they can “React” erratically . What we want is to have them “Respond” which is what Reba show us so very well.
You need to know your horse well to know how you can ask them to handle “tough” situations.

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