HKTWH 3 day Workshop 2013

International Life Coach and horseman Brian Reid will take you on a transformational journey through the “Way of the Horse” to be held at Sable View in Stockbridge, Vermont.

Friday May 24th 4-7pm
Saturday May 25th 10am-5pm
Sunday May 26th 10am-5pm

  • Make a move toward the desires your life has inspired, and look back with a smile!
  • Shift your life toward your dreams, and feel the movement forward to new realities!
  • Make possible the impossible in just 2 days…a shift in Personal Transformation, in a time-frame not previously thought possible.

Brian Reid will let you experience the combination of personal development and self improvement principles through The Way of the Horse. You will learn how to apply the thirteen HKTWH principles into your life to discover joy, balance and happiness. But most importantly, you will move toward and discover your desires in areas where you may have been previously stuck.

You will be empowered by making practical use of “natural laws of living” that were previously hidden from view, even though they have been there all along.

For this workshop, “the horse” exemplifies how a relationship with another being can lead to a fundamentally better life. Through connecting with horses, Brian will show you how to communicate through feel and intention rather than the language and logical side of our human brain, which can cause blocks through worry, fear, pain, and stress. You will learn how to read the signals communicated to us when a connection is either made or broken. The signals you learn through The Way of the Horse will overlap with the interactions you have in your everyday life. This helps you to become more perceptive and receptive to communication with your inner-self and the people around you.

You do not need any prior experience with horses to benefit from this workshop, just an open mind and a desire to create the life you aspire for. We can’t wait to meet you!

About Sable View and workshop host Leslie Chadwell

“Sable View (Natural Horsemanship Development Center), is in constant evolution . At first in its early stages, before I realized where we were headed, I  wished it would stay at one place and allow me to  get comfortable, but now as I have grown in my thinking and mindedness, I am very happy we are always growing.  SV has been referred to as a sanctuary.   It offers a constant, a steady reliable place/ source  for horses and their owners to find their own growth and happiness in, no pressure added.

Those involved  with SV teachings are looking to  re-establish their own “Journey”, and their horse is a partner in the process.  Natural Horsemanship for me is an all inclusive way of life. From foundation or re-foundation building to health, at SV this is our practice, bottom line.  Young Living Essential Oils, Reiki, TTouch, Red Light Therapy,  as well as  my own “Hybrid Method” of horsemanship all intermingle to allow me to do what I do.

What’s that , you ask?? Puzzle solve!  I find answers to solve physical or emotional issues,  including fear, in those I work with, 2 or 4 legged. One of my many hats  reads “Dr. Leslie”.”

Dates and Tickets:
May 24th-25th-26th 2013

$ 300.00 PP all inclusive.
We will have a light food tray for Friday and will take orders for lunches for S/S.
Friday night can be separate at 100.00PP to meet and greet Brian and get a feel for the full weekend.

$250.00 if booked by  Jan 31st  2013.

pay pal or check

Sable View
332 Music Mountain, Stockbridge, VT
tel: (802)558-3747


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