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Our facility is located in Stockbridge. Vermont-situated on 21 acres in the heart of the Green Mountains. We are a family operated business whose primary goal is to promote true all around horsemanship. We offer private and semi-private lessons on-site or at your facility. Sable view also offers year round boarding services.

The teaching and training discipline that Sable View subscribes to focuses on the development of both gross and fine motor skills on and off the horse. Sable view’s programs are designed to integrate a cross-section of techniques that aid in fine tuning and accelerating horse and rider proficiency.

Adaptation, survival of the fittest… these are philosophies and theories carried forward through centuries. As a species we have evolved to adapt by becoming in fact “Hybrids”.
It is known that no one (human), is exactly alike; this holds true for horses, too. I will go as far as to say there are generalities to group each species, but with in these groupings individuality is paramount, and requires proper and respectful attention to allow the horse to be an individual, with a voice, a place in the conversation of the partnership. This is where the fun begins.

Ridden skills from beginner to advanced, encompass everything from basic trail etiquette: safety and manners, to more advance cross country endeavors; trail challenges and hunter paces.

Our wonderful indoor arena lends itself to all but especially to those who like to focus on ring work and jumping. We believe beginning from the ground up in all endeavours help to establish foundation and clarity. Body awareness/balance exercises are incorporated into all areas of teaching.

Our facility has on-site therapeutic services which includes two types of Photonic Light Therapy, Reiki, and Massage. The facility hosts many on-site clinics and events such as obstacle challenges, play day/trail rides, special guest clinicians, Reiki and massage therapy workshops, and farrier consultations.

Sable View also holds monthly winter chat groups that are semi-instructional and informal. Whether you prefer the leisurely trail adventure or show ring riding experience, Sable View has something to offer everyone at one levels of riding.

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